Sunday, September 16, 2012

Download latest window, WindowS 8 ReleasE PrevieW

WOW, The latest operating system by microsoft i.e, windows 8 release preview is available for download from the microsoft official website.

The latest release operatiing system, Windows 8 has came up with a new look and new features
it is a little bit different from the windows 8 older consumer preview

Lots of apps which you can download from windows 8 app store, but a little disappointing thing is that you can download apps only from windows 8,
which means that first you have to install windows 8 and then open app store from the app store app provided by windows 8 itself.

Windows 8 release like the previous operating systems comes in various languages like
  • English,
  • chinese,
  • spanish,
  • german and many other laguages too,.
To download it you just have to open the microsoft official website and there from windows downloads you can get your windows 8 release preview.

[ NOTE: This version is only for demo purpose and every windows 8 release preview will expire on jan,2013 ]

The links for downloading the windows 8 release preview versions are given below

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